"addressing biomechanics


with applied orthopedics"

Our custom orthotics support every stride you take

We help you stand smart, not strained

Designed with your life in mind

Welcome to Orthotic Energy; Canada's leading custom orthotic manufacturing.


Orthotic Energy established in the year 2000, is Canada’s leading manufacturers of custom made orthotics. We supply to the best medical practitioners across the country to meet the needs of the growing number of Canadians that require orthotics to enjoy life to the fullest.

We utilize the latest methods of manufacturing of orthotics currently accepted by all the major insurance companies in Canada.

We use only three dimensional sources of the patient’s feet to manufacture our orthotics. Orthotic Energy utilizes an automated orthotic manufacturing system (AOMS). It is the most accurate and advanced method of manufacturing custom orthotics. All orthotics shell modules are made from scratch using the latest and proven raw materials.

The variety of orthotic shell module materials we offer allows practitioners’ to optimize favourable outcomes of their patients.

This is one of the major differences between Orthotic Energy and other labs. It is not about quantity it is about function and quality.

Patient satisfaction, practitioners trust in our products, knowledgeable team of chiropodist and orthotic technicians, utilizing the highest available technology allow us to, be simply one of the most sustainable and trust worthy custom orthotic laboratory in North America.

Orthotic Energy takes pride of this partnership in every step of our day to day operation.

Proudly provided over 15 years of services nation wide